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Our beekeeper mission is to save the bees by creating a sustainable environment.

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iHoney Global embraces the nature whole heartedly.

iHoney Global is the company that you can run to whenever you are looking for premium honey. We are proud to say that all honey that we offer comes from the bees that we have been delicately taking care of in our bee farms. Also, the bee farms that we have is among the biggest that can be found in the Southeast Asia.

iHoney Global is steadfast in delivering the highest quality of honey that will make every of our customer fall in head over heels and ask for more!

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iHoney Global premium & limited honey producer!

Why is it considered limited honey? Each year, we have only 4 harvests. Each season harvest has that limited amount of honey produced. Once they are sold out, you must wait for the next season. It comes with great responsibility taking care of the bees to ensure the honey is of great quality to meet your expectations.

iHoney Global is dedicated in sustainability and believed in bees and human partnership!

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iHoney Global fresh honey purity at its optimum!

iHoney Global goes with the brand BHive that is dedicated to bringing premium and fresh honey products that will meet the standards and needs of the global market. BHive brand is committed to delivering fresh honey products that are 100% made from bees that are taken care in our bee farm in Southeast Asia.

iHoney Global wants you to put our fresh honey where your mouth is, be excited, savor the aroma and make it a lifestyle that others will envy!

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This one is the real deal! Pure, tasty, flavourful longan flower honey, not those with artificial flavour or colouring. Don't bother with honey water or sugar replacement, just take it straight from the jar!     Yummy x6!


I bought the 100% Pure Wild Flower from ihoney. My daughter and I just love it ! The honey has a light yet flora fragrance that I can't find from other brands.  What I like most is that its enzyme 12+ activity. It has no additive nor artificial sugar.

My children will take a teaspoonful of this honey and I believe it will sustain them throughout the day. It also comes in handy when any of my family members have sore throat. Add a little lemon juice and it work wonders! 


This longan flower honey really helps to soothe sore throat. I had sore throat after 9 hours of talking.

After a few teaspoons of B.Hive longan flower honey, my throat feels much better!

Jerry Tay

Recently I am recommended to B. hive wild flower honey, it taste so good that even my husband refuse for any honey intake except it , love the royal jelly , dry skin get improvement and digestive system was not as sensitive as last time . 
Best is the price are very reasonable

Benly Lee

Good price, good product, definitely value for money.

Daniel Lum